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G. Pascal Zachary

G. Pascal Zachary is a writer, teacher, and researcher. He is a visiting scholar at the School of Information at UC Berkeley and the Institute for Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University.
Gregg consults on African affairs for non-profit organizations and often publishes on African themes. He also writes and lectures on migration, identity, and diversity; technological change, business and innovation; and globalization, international security and political reform. He is director of Innovation Media Africa, a consultancy with offices in Berkeley, California and Nairobi, Kenya.
From 1989 to 2001, Gregg was a foreign correspondent and senior special writer for The Wall Street Journal. He contributed the “Ping” column on technological change to The New York Times in 2007 and 2008.
He is the author of five books, including Endless Frontier: Vannevar Bush, Engineer Of the American Century (1997), The Global Me: New Cosmopolitans and the Competitive Edge: Picking Globalism’s Winners and Losers (2000), The Diversity Advantage: Multicultural Identity in the New World Economy (2003), and Married to Africa: A Love Story (2008).
His articles include Vaccines and Their Promise Are Roaring Back, The Coming Revolution in Africa, Digital designers rediscover their hands, Inside Nairobi, the next Palo Alto?, Starting to Think Outside the Jar, The Risk of Innovation: Will Anyone Embrace It?, The Unsung Heroes Who Move Products Forward, and English, Algebra, Phys Ed … and Biotech.
Gregg teaches reporting and writing at Stanford University. He was born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island and studied philosophy at the University of Albany. He moved to northern California in 1978, where he joined the last staff of the Berkeley Barb and then the worker-owned Santa Barbara News & Review, two legendary dissenting weeklies. He later worked as a writer and editor for Williamette Week, in Portland, Oregon, and the San Jose Mercury News.
Over 25 years, he has published articles in many newspapers, magazines and journals, including Foreign Policy, In These Times, Mother Jones, Project Syndicate, The New Republic, Wilson Quarterly, and Wired.
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