Advisory Board

Frans van Wamel

Frans van Wamel is Thinking Coach at Vuzion; Founder of Tobrea 3 Sigma Systems Engineering; Director at Becoming Aware of the Futures; and Vice President CORS, Asesores Gerenciales de Riesgos.
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates said that innovation was merely to put existing information together in a different way.
As a qualified engineer, Frans literally works at the coalface, getting his hands dirty, becoming familiar with your frontline people, analyzing work practices and identifying organizational improvement opportunities. After having gained trust as a frontline in your factory, warehouse, or office, he moves to assist organizations at management level by opening up communication barriers that usually inhibit employee engagement through influencing the existing storytelling practises that are alive at every level in any organization.
Storytelling is a stakeholder management practice that is used in management coaching at senior executive levels to help organizations in change management initiatives to increase team effectiveness, performance, and outcomes, leadership capability and organizational change. Like organizational psychologists, Frans can’t advise you what to do or what to adopt. His work simply involves to bring the frontline and management perspectives into alignment.
His own stories involve insights he gained from experience with Xerox by being charged with employee capability development. After that he became interested in helping leaders from other companies by joining the training organization Leadership Management Australia. This involved all-encompassing consulting assignments and development programs assisting other organizations to increase productivity and performance through conducting training needs in management and leadership development to achieve cultural integration through proven methodologies. The key learning of organizational development is in attitudinal modification that results in behavioral change by using positive psychology and 360 degree feedback.
Frans earned his degree as an Electronic Engineer at MTS Nijmegen, Holland in 1978. He studied Action Science in Innovation and Service Management at RMIT.
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