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Dr. Eugene M. Levin

Eugene M. Levin, Ph.D. is Physicist and Mathematician and the Founder of Electrodynamic Technologies, a company focused on Electrodynamic propulsion, debris removal and recycling, and satellite servicing. They are developing special methods and software tools to support operations of electrodynamic vehicles since 2013. Currently working with the Naval Research Laboratory, NASA, and industry on flight demonstrations of electrodynamic propulsion.

He is the author of Dynamic Analysis of Space Tether Missions (2007) and Dynamics of Space Tether Systems (1993), which are considered the world’s definitive works on tether dynamics.

Electrodynamic Technologies company’s main research focus is working to make propellantless propulsion a reality. The advent of propellantless propulsion has significant implications for spaceflight, and will change the way we think about space. Electrodynamic propulsion is propellantless and does not require fuel. Electrodynamic vehicles can be assembled from nano-satellite components and thin tape conductors, but they can move multi-ton payloads in low Earth orbits. Many missions that were inconceivable before become now possible. One of the most striking examples is wholesale removal of large debris from low Earth orbits and their possible recycling. There are other very promising applications as well.

He has been the Senior Scientist at STAR since 1999, with his main focus on Electrodynamic propulsion, debris removal and recycling, and satellite servicing.

For more than 25 years, since 1994, he has been Consulting in Research and Development for Aerospace and Information Technology in the Minneapolis Area, working on various projects with NASA, the Air Force, the Navy, and industry.

Prior to 1994, Eugene was the Senior Researcher at the Institute for Mechanical Engineering research at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, where he studied dynamics of flexible space structures and attitude motion of satellites.

Eugene earned his Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU).

His selected Research Projects include:

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