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Dr. Donald Maclean

Donald Maclean, MBChB is author of Beyond Dilemma — A Memoir.
Donald Maclean was born in Scotland in 1935 and graduated from University of Edinburgh with the medical degree MBChB in 1960. He was in private practice as a family physician in rural Canada. He emigrated to the USA in 1966 and was a resident in psychiatry at the Menninger Foundation from 1966 to 1969, later certified by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
In 1972 he moved to Rockford, Illinois, where he was part-time faculty appointment University of Illinois and part-time private practice. He was later full-time with the University as Associate Professor and Chairman of a new and at that time small department. He had administrative duties, teaching duties, and clinical duties both outpatient and inpatient. He was on the staff of two full service hospitals, consulted at several clinics, consulted in nursing homes, and served on many committees both university and hospital.
As a psychiatrist Donald made clinical diagnoses and prescribed medication according to known psycho-pharmacological principles. He also practiced psychotherapy. His preferred intellectual frame of reference for understanding the human being humanely was the psycho-dynamic. In his own life and in the lives of others he noticed a drama that tended to repeat itself. Donald called it the drama of life. Here one must be nonlinear and flexible. At times one could label it comedy.
His six trips to India greatly influenced his understanding of life on a different level, and here our understanding must of necessity be limited because that we label “spiritual” is beyond reduction to cognitive explanation. Of course there are new developments in functional neuro-imagery and neuro-physiological antecedents/concomitants all of which contribute to our knowledge of the human condition.
Over the years Donald exposed himself to many methods of therapies. Good therapy helps us come to ourselves, which means we stop blaming others and circumstances for the trials and tribulations that come our way. On the other hand we stand up for ourselves, we value our personal dignity, and we have the right to protect ourselves. What he learned in India supported this. Good therapy gives us opportunities to live beyond defensive posturing. Our defensive posturing serves a purpose in our lives and this purpose must be weighed against whatever is to be gained by abandoning defenses. The right to remain as is must be respected.
Donald is now retired and living with his wife Marjorie in Oxford, Mississippi who he has been married to for 50 years.