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Dinorah Delfin

Dinorah Delfin is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Immortalists Magazine and its hosting platform The Immortalists Club, the Director of Recruitment at the U.S. Transhumanist Party, and Owner of ArtDimensional Studios since 2008.

She is an Executive Advisor of the Transdisciplinary Agora For Future Discussions (TAFFD’s) and Editorial Advisor for Springer’s Transhumanism International Book Series. She is also the founder and administrator of the New York Transhumanist Party.

Born in Venezuela, Dinorah is a New York-based conceptual Multi-Media Artist, Futurist, Writer, Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Social Activist. She is also a Transhumanist and a Holistic Living advocate interested in the convergence of science, spirituality, and the arts.

“I am a Transhumanist because absolute agency over one’s individual evolution and senescence is not just a human virtue, but also a human right and responsibility. Officially declaring aging a disease, as transhumanists are trying to do, is the first step towards the democratization of regenerative technologies and means to achieve extraordinarily high levels of intelligence, wisdom, empathy, and indefinite youthful lives”.

Her transdisciplinary projects converge in the fields of media arts, poetry, critical writing, activism, performance, transhumanism, metaphysics, integral philosophy, and fine arts. Her themes revolve around the idea of absolute agency over one’s individual evolution.

Dinorah’s upcoming book, A Radical New Beginning (2020), challenges definitions of identity and embodiment in light of rapid biological and digital evolution.

Dinorah is the founder of ArtDimensional Studios, a platform for multidimensional expressions of transformative arts. She is also the founder of The Immortalists Club, a group for philosophical discussions of existential matters.

She was recently featured in the Transhumanism Handbook (2019), by Newton Lee. She has given presentations on the subjects of art, human enhancement technologies, and transhumanism at New York University’s Posthuman Summit, and at the University of Rwanda’s International Conference of Techno-Scientific Awareness.

Dinorah earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Business, Management, and Marketing and graduated Cum Laude in Entrepreneurship Management, with an English Minor from City University of New York-Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business.

Her mission is to advocate for the ethical use of emerging technologies to help steer humanity into a thriving metahumanity. Her artworks and activism are aimed to raise critical questions about emerging techno-social structures as they become more embedded in our lives, and our evolving definition of humanity, individual sovereignty, and general happiness and sense of purpose.

She has been designing a grass-roots campaign to advocate for the ethical use of emerging technologies — including a manifesto and a series of propaganda-like posters that raise questions about emerging technologies and how they affect our everyday life. With the assistance of like-minded artists, she is planning to carry on a guerrilla-type campaign both online and in public spaces such schools. She has been involved in organizing educational events as well as fundraisers for charitable relief efforts.

Dinorah also worked at the Gary Swanson Method Acting school, and had Solo and Group Art Exhibitions at the Elga Wimmer Gallery, Björn Ressie Gallery, and Whitebox Art Center, all in New York City, NY.

Watch her presentation on Transformative Arts for Africa at TAFFD’s 2019.

Read A Conversation with Chuck Close, Dinorah Delfin, and Björn Ressle, Chuck Close Stuido, New York by M. Brendon MacInnis. Read Integral Transhumanism and her essay An Artist’s Creative Process: A Model For Conscious Evolution, both published at the U.S. Transhumanist Party official website. Read her Editor’s Letter at The Immortalists Club.

Read her articles and her activities on LinkedIn. Read her article A Holy Threesome: An Indecent Proposal for Homo Sapiens’ Quantum Leap Forward.

Visit her LinkedIn profile, ArtFacts profile, Artslant profile, and her IAmTranshuman profile. Follow her on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.