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Dr. Dennis Chamberland

Dennis Chamberland, Ph.D. is a NASA bioengineer. He is also an aquanaut and Mission Commander for seven NASA underwater missions, and designed and built the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station underwater habitat. Dennis was elected a Fellow of the New York Explorers Club in 1991.
Dennis is author of Departing Earth Forever: Book One — Warning and Promise: The Manual for Today’s Colonists Perparing to Launch to Mars and our Moon, Departing Earth Forever: Book Two — Alien Worlds: The Manual for Today’s Colonists Preparing to Launch to Mars and Our Moon, and Thriving in the Days of COVID-19.
In his office, he designs what are called “Advanced Life Support Systems”. In other words, when we go to live in space permanently (like on the moon and Mars) we will have to bring all our oxygen, water, food and those things that will keep us alive for very long periods of time. We do research in living life support systems, called bioregenerative life support systems. That means, our life support systems are made up of very large gardens of crops like wheat, tomatoes, beans, peanuts, tomatoes, potatoes and other foods that the future space colonists can eat. Meanwhile, the plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and purify drinking water! It is a wonderful system and exciting to watch. Isn’t it so cool to think about a huge garden on the moon or on Mars?
A bioengineer is a person who links living systems with non-living engineering systems. Think of it this way — if you build a plant growing box out of an aquarium and put in in the window, you have performed one of the functions of a bioengineer! You have begun to control the environment of a living system (plants). Think of other ways you can control your system, and you are doing the things that bioengineers do!
Dennis has maintained a lifelong interest in the human colonization of the undersea regions of the earth. He calls these regions “Aquatica” and its permanent human citizens “Aquaticans”. He authored Undersea Colonies, Quantum Storms, Abyss of Elysium, Abyss of Space, Alyete – Dogs of Eros Damned, Proverbs For My Children – 2nd Edition, The Way Back Home: Restoring Holiness in the Christian Life, and Consuming Fire, and coauthored The Proxima Manual of Space Exploration.
Dennis earned his M.S. in Bioenvironmental Engineering at Oklahoma State University in 1983. He earned his B.S. in Psychology, Physical Sciences, and Journalism at Oklahoma State University in 1973.
Watch Living, working undersea is man’s dream, Claudia and RAY The Undersea Robot, The Aquatic Life of Dennis Chamberland: One Man’s Quest to Colonize the Sea, and Aaron Seven. Read his blog. Visit his Facebook page and his personal page. Learn about The Atlantica Expeditions: First Undersea Colony.