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David Harry Stewart

David Harry Stewart is the CEO and Founder of AGEIST and the host of the SuperAge podcast. He is a Keynote Speaker, Author, and Photographer.

At AGEIST, a media company with a purpose to reinvent how life is lived, experienced, and understood by those over 50, David is an expert and a passionate champion on the emerging global over-50 lifestyle. AGEIST’s message is that culture and brands really misunderstand this age group — it’s not a time of fear, and messaging to the 50+ that way won’t resonate with a lot of the over-50s. Many in this cohort feel “at the peak of their powers,” David says, and if you want to reach them, you need to understand that.

David frequently shares his expertise and insights with major media publications including WSJ, The Times of London, CNN, South China Morning Post, Forbes, and Fortune. He also consults for a wide range of Fortune 500 brands and businesses. An entertaining and lively speaker, he delivered the keynote at The 2019 Global Wellness Summit in Singapore, Monocle Quality of Life, and the HIMMS Las Vegas 2018. David talked about Redesigning Age at TEDxAsburyPark 2018, spoke to fashion and beauty consumer product brands managers and creatives on how to activate older consumers at White Space NYC 2017, on personal mobility at The Mercedes Benz ME 2018 Convention in Stockholm, and at the PSFK Consumer Experience NYC 2018 on how to reach the new emerging over 50 consumer among others.

Prior to launching AGEIST, David enjoyed an award-winning career as a photographer specializing in people-oriented advertising. His work for iconic brands including Nike, Adidas, Google, Coors, AT&T, Coke, Philip Morris, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Corona, Gillette, Philips, Johnson & Johnson, Red Bull, and many more has appeared in GQ, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Wired, Interview, Time, The New York Times Magazine, and other outlets.

David earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences in 1981 at Boston University. He earned his Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) in Mechanical Engineering in 1979 from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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