Advisory Board

Dr. Daniel A. Briggs

Daniel A. Briggs, Ph.D., PsyA is President of Aletheia Logos University.
Daniel earned his Ph.D. in Human Services with a Counseling Psychology Specialization from Walden University, his C.A.C. (Graduate Certification in Adlerian Psychology) from AAINE (n/f Alfred Adler Institute of New England), his B.A. in Fine Arts in Writing & Literature from Union Institute & University, and completed 105 credits in Sociology at Norwich University. He also earned his Th.B. from Indiana Bible College. He has held various professional positions ranging from Non-Destructive Radiographer II (within an aerospace manufacturing company, FMI) to a CEO/COO, and from a Psychoanalyst to a Financial Consultant (within a Wall Street company, First Investors). He has owned/operated two successful mechanical engineering companies. He now teaches Sociology, Philosophy, and Art History at IADT and Psychology, Theology and Philosophy at ALU, writes books and writes articles for the He is also the Chairman of WCMA.
Daniel founded Bangor Counseling Center, Cornerstone, Inc. (n/f), Cornerstone Theological University, First Apostolic Church of Biddeford, Apostolic Church of Faith, Maine Christian Ministries, Aletheia Logos University, which is now approved to operate in the State of Florida, and Transmutation Psychology Institute where he teaches his developed Transmutation Psychology modality. He also helped establish, design, and build the Pentecostal Church of Moncton. He has authored several books, most notably his Disciples of Christ Volumes, (eight volumes), The Origins of Morality, and A Comparative Historical Analysis of Freudian, Adlerian, and Theocentric Psychologies.
Daniel is a third generation clergyman who began his life calling when he was just 15 years old, when he first started preaching under the guidance of his father, Rev. Arthur Briggs, in Winterport, Maine. When Daniel was 17 years old he began attending seminary in the USA (ABI) and by 18 years of age he transferred to a Canadian seminary (NCC) and simultaneously began to minister in many churches throughout Eastern Canada. By age 21 he left Canada and went to Biddeford, Maine (a predominately catholic French speaking city) to start a new congregation he named First Apostolic Church of Biddeford (FACB), where he founded and headquartered WCMA-Maine in 1993. WCMA-Maine was divested in 2008 and merged with WCMA-Florida.
He began developing World Christian Ministries Association, Inc. (WCMA-Florida) as an unincorporated church association for Apostolic Pentecostal ministers, churches, ministries, charities and organizations to help spread the gospel around the world and help less fortunate apostolic Pentecostal Christians in developing countries. Since he began this work in early 2006, it has flourished to over 4,300 churches, ministries, ministers, charities and organizations representing over 202,246 constituents.
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