Advisory Board

Carolyn L. Burke, MA, CISSP, CISM

Carolyn L. Burke, MA, CISSP, CISM is CEO of Integrity Incorporated. Integrity Incorporated provides governance, privacy, integrity, information security consulting services, and management solutions to help organizations achieve and maintain compliance and integrity.
Carolyn is an established serial entrepreneur and leading computer security expert. She has led national initiatives in both the public and private sectors, and founded Integrity Incorporated in 2002 in response to a growing and recognized need to incorporate the highest levels of integrity and ethics into business practices, and served as Communications Director for the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence.
She speaks internationally on integrity in business, having served as CityTV’s on-air security specialist for 5 years, with a simple goal — to increase security, compliance awareness and ethical guidance in technological progress. Carolyn’s vision translates into her speaking and work — she illustrates and discusses current issues so that her audiences and clients alike arrive at a clearer understanding of complex technology, security, and future trends and with the stewardship of personal and professional integrity.
In 1993, she founded and ran FSC Internet, Corp. (now Assurent Security Technologies), a network security service provider, from start-up to 50 employees in 2002 (acquired by Telus in 2006).
The subject of a former US News & World Report cover story in 1996 for her online initiatives, she is the acknowledged founder of the online diary movement and personal blogging. Carolyn sits on several corporate boards, and is actively involved in the community including as Chair of Verity’s Business Forum, curriculum advisor to Centennial College’s Faculty of eCommerce, York University Graduate Studies Alumni Advisory Committee Founding Member. She received the 2003 (ISC)2 President’s Award, and was nominated for the 2004 ROB Top 40 Under 40, and the 2006 RBC Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award.
Carolyn volunteers with the United Way-sponsored Dixon Hall mentoring program to encourage and support young women who choose careers in IT and business. She is also (ISC)2 Exam Supervisor for the Greater Toronto Area, building security awareness within the IT community by furthering security and privacy education.
Carolyn earned a BA in Linguistics from York University, a MA in Philosophy of Science from York University and has a MS / Ph.D. in progress in Logic and Computation at Carnegie-Mellon University.
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