Advisory Board

Carol Abrahamson, MBA

Carol Abrahamson, MBA is a serial entrepreneur since 1983. Her current venture is Executive Authors, a business that helps entrepreneurial, corporate, and nonprofit executives as well as professionals to organize, write, create, and promote business- and career-boosting books. Her Number One deliverable is a book that meets her client’s goals with a minimum of hassle for the executive as they navigate some or all of the 100+ decisions and tasks that all books require (double that for self-published books). As an author whose first book led to over $2 million in consulting revenues within a few years, she loves helping other executives achieve the same glorious results!
Executive Authors leverages her years advising and coaching CEOs/CFOs of startups to Fortune 50 corporations about the strategies and messages to get their companies noticed, appreciated, and in demand; writing and editing mission-critical corporate messages designed to attract and excite multiple audiences; as a McGraw-Hill executive and writing 14 business-boosting books of her own.
Of course, she is writing another book, The 15 Lucrative Ways Your Book Can Forever Change Your Professional Life: Case Studies About What Having a Book Did for Dozens of Executives and Professionals (and How They Got Their Books Done). If you are, or know, an author who might want to be profiled in the book, please let her know.
Her previous finance and communications career includes years as a Wall Street analyst, venture capitalist, and investment banker as well as four corporate investor/public relations jobs and two decades as an investor relations CEO/CFO advisor and coach.
Carol’s Specialties:

  • Executive and professional practice branding through a nonfiction book.
  • A book as the ultimate marketing tool for a business, nonprofit, or individual.
  • The astounding opportunities and great wealth a nonfiction book can bring an executive.
  • Nonfiction book publishing (self-publishing and through a traditional publisher).
  • The 100+ decisions and tasks every book involves; the 100 more required by self-publishing.
  • Coaching executives about their nonfiction books.