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Carlos Rodríguez Sau, LLM

Carlos Rodríguez Sau, LLM is Partner at CSV Consulting and Advisor at Andersen Tax & Legal, Spain. He has more than 20 years of experience advising clients on aspects such as the design and implementation of global strategies related to the protection and exploitation of intangible assets — planning and development of business models related to the exploitation of data and information. As a lawyer specialized in technology and cyberlaw, Carlos was a speaker at TransVision Madrid 2018. His specialties include Innovation, Data Protection, Intellectual and Industrial Property, and IT Contracts.

Carlos, together with two partners from Ecix Group, cofounded the Compliance Software Value (CSV) Consulting company. CSV is dedicated to regulatory compliance and software risks.

Carlos and his team have created (GRC) models for continuous evaluation of risks due to software use. They carry out licensing audits and installation and use certifications in relation to the main software vendors with their RPA tools to control the regulatory risk of software. Their experience in software compliance and artificial intelligence makes them efficient in protecting against incidents.

For more than 19 years, Carlos developed his career at PwC, becoming a partner in charge of the Intangibles area that brought together the legal practice areas of Information Technology, Intellectual, and Industrial Property of PwC Tax & Legal Services. He was also responsible for innovation at PwC between 2008 and 2014 in the legal and tax area.

In 2017, after leaving PwC, Carlos was entrusted by the Ecix Group and became Partner in September 2017 to pilot the opening of its office in Barcelona, the headquarters that he directed. After two years, in December 2018, he bought shares of the CSV subsidiary from Ecix and founded the CSV Consulting company.

In February of 2017, Carlos founded the CryoBiomed company. They are a biotechnological company aimed to develop novel technologies to enhance the viability of biological specimens such as cells, tissues, organs, and embryos subjected to cryopreservation and to be used for medical or research purposes.

The main goal of the company is to improve the use of organs for transplantation. Since in most cases, after the death of a donor, some of the organs cannot be used for transplantation due to geographical reasons or immuno-compatibility, an interesting field of applicability for cryopreservation is to supply the physicians with a methodology for the storing, and later recovery, of those organs waiting to be transplanted to a feasible receptor.

Since 2006, Carlos has been a Professor lecturing the Master’s program on Legal and Tax Advice at IE Executive Education.

Carlos earned his Master’s of Arts Degree in Law from the Complutense University in Madrid in 1993. He earned a diploma in Business and Community Law from the CEU San Pablo. He earned his Master in Business Legal Advice from IE Business School in 1997 and finished the Executive Development Program from ESADE in 2006.

Since 2014, Carlos is on the list of the Best Lawyers ranking, where he is among the best lawyers in the IT Law area. He is part of the PwC team awarded by the Financial Times as the third most innovative legal firm in continental Europe in 2015.

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