Advisory Board

Bruce L. Cutright, M.S.

Bruce L. Cutright, M.S. is Research Associate, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin.
Bruce has thirty years’ experience in hydrogeologic and water resources consulting practice, including delineation of groundwater flow systems, well hydraulics, waste-water recycling and reuse, water law and water resource management, high-level nuclear waste repository investigations, injection wells, soil and groundwater remediation of dissolved, floating, and sinking chlorinated and nonchlorinated substances, water supply and irrigation, groundwater resource exploration and development, acquisition of water rights, pesticide contamination and pesticide movement in groundwater, solution mining, and groundwater resource development for large agricultural projects in Africa, Central America, and the Philippines.
He has five years’ experience in construction engineering and management, high-voltage DC power-line construction, roads, highways, water and sewer facilities, port and marina facilities, and high-rise residential and commercial building construction.
Bruce earned his B.S. in Geology at the University of Florida in 1972 and his M.S. in Geology at the University of Florida in 1974. He studied at the Ph.D. Program in Hydrogeology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
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