Advisory Board

Dr. Bruce Lloyd

Bruce Lloyd, Ph.D. is Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management, London South Bank University, London, United Kingdom.
Bruce spent over 20 years in industry and finance before joining the academic world a decade ago to help establish the Management Centre at what is now South Bank University.
He has a degree in Chemical Engineering and a MSc (Economics) / MBA from the London Business School. (A member of their first cohort!) He obtained his PhD (by published work) in 1996 for his work on “The Future of Offices and Office Work: Implications for Organizational Strategy”.
His experience of industry included time with BP and the Commonwealth Development Finance Company, where he was concerned with investing in small companies in various parts of the world. During the 1980’s he also spent sometime with ICI plc assisting in their New Ventures programme, particularly in Billingham.
Over the past twenty years he has been involved on the Executive of the Strategic Planning Society and as a Council Member of the (now) Chartered Management Institute. He was a member of the latter’s Advisory Board for a research project on “Leadership: A Challenge for All” and is still involved in a development of that project which is specifically concerned with leadership issues in the public sector. He was also involved in a study on the future of the Professions that was being undertaken by the Royal Society of Arts. He has been actively involved, as a past Chairman, with the Association of MBA’s.
Since the late 1960’s he has written extensively on a wide range of strategy related issues, such as “Economies of Scale”, “Energy Policy”, “The Future of Offices and Office Work”, the link between Power, Responsibility, Leadership and Learning (including an article “Leadership and Power: Where Responsibility Makes the Difference”, in Coaching for Leadership: How the World’s Greatest Coaches Help Leaders Learn, edited by Marshall Goldsmith, Laurence Lyons, and Alyssa Freas, Jossey-Bass (2000)) and more recently he has been exploring the relationship between Wisdom and Knowledge Management.
Bruce has undertaken over 30 interviews with leading thinkers on leadership published in the “Leadership and Organizational Development Journal”, as well have done other interviews for the “Tomorrow Project Bulletin”. He was the UK coordinator for “The Millennium Project” operated by the American Council for the UN University 1998–2004. Present interests focus on lecturing, researching, and writing on Strategy and Futures related areas.
Bruce authored Strategy: A Personal Journey, Exploring the Issues: Content and Process, Power, Responsibility & Wisdom: Exploring the issues at the core of Ethical Decision-Making and Leadership, Understanding the Power, Responsibility, Leadership and Learning Links: The Key to Successful Knowledge Management, Wisdom & Leadership: Linking the Past, Present & Future, The Future of Offices and Office Work: Implications for Organizational Strategy, and Office Productivity — Time for a Revolution?
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