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Bailey Reutzel

Bailey Reutzel is Tech Reporter at PaymentsSource.
Bailey writes about new technology in the payments space. Not only the payments market but the world is going to change incredibly in the coming years. And as one of her contacts recently said, she is part of the privileged population that sits close to the industry, and is part of the early adopter segment.
She was previously Writer/Researcher at Callahan & Associates; Editorial Intern at Columbia Daily Tribune; Features Intern at Southeast Missourian; and Writer, Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief at The Arrow.
Her articles include SecondMarket Vehicle Aims to Mitigate Risk of Owning Bitcoin, BitPay Now Lets Merchants Track Bitcoin Sales in Quickbooks, Bitcoin Exchange Tradehill Cuts Ties with Bitcoin-Savvy CU, Forget Bitcoin — Is “Tor” the Best Way to Anonymize Digital Payments?, What U.S. Regulations Will Mean for the Bitcoin Economy, FinCEN’s Virtual-Money Guidelines Add Roadblocks for New Companies, Uniform Licensing Could Help Bitcoin Businesses Stay Disruptive, and A Q&A with Serial Bitcoin Entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos.
Bailey earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at Southeast Missouri State University in 2011.
Listen to E13 — Movers & Shakers | Let’s Talk Bitcoin. Read her LinkedIn profile. Follow her Twitter feed.