Advisory Board

Professor Antonio Chella

Antonio Chella, Ph.D. is the head of RoboticsLab and head of the Department of Computer Engineering at the Università di Palermo, Italy. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Machine Consciousness.
Antonio coedited Artificial Consciousness and Robotica mobile: Un’introduzione pratica. His papers include Software Design of an AGI System Based on Perception Loop, A Cognitive Framework for Imitation Learning, A Posture Sequence Learning System for an Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand, An intermediate level between the psychological and the neurobiological levels of descriptions of appraisal-emotion dynamics, A Vision System for Symbolic Interpretation of Dynamic Scenes using ARSOM, and An Architecture for Autonomous Agents Exploiting Conceptual Representations.
He earned his laurea degree cum laude in Electronic Engineering from the University of Palermo in 1988 and he earned his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering in 1993 defending a thesis on neural networks for robot vision. He is a member of IEEE, AAAI, IAPR, AI*IA, AICA, and SIREN.
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