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Anne Corwin

Anne Corwin has been involved in science and speculation of various sorts for as long as she can remember. She has a degree in Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (2002). She currently works as an engineer specializing in Electromagnetic Compatibility, though she has also been employed as a software engineer, and worked as an engineering aide in the large-scale wind tunnel facility at NASA Ames Research Center during college.
Though her formal background is in engineering, Anne has long been interested in biology, biotechnology, physics, genetics, and neurology, and she spends much of her time outside work researching these areas. As a child, she was noted for asking lots of questions about how things worked and what they were made of (e.g., “What’s inside of a rock?”), and she had a strong fascination with medical and adaptive technology, which foreshadowed her interests in such things as “cyborgification” and morphological liberty issues.
She is author of Yesterday’s Future, Avoiding Past Mistakes in Longevity Advocacy, The Quiet (But Real) Revolution, On Longevity Medicine and Resources, Geriatrics, Gerontology, and Engineering — Necessary Link, More on Vulnerability, Longevity, and Bias, Vulnerable, But Not Doomed, Longevity Science — A Brief Snapshot of Progress, What Is Meant By “Rational Longevity”?, Today’s Office Of Tomorrow, Why Progressives Need To Get A Clue About Disability, Ashley X — Avoiding Oversimplification, All Kinds of Potential Minds, and Choosing Who To Be: Robust Self-Concept In An Age of Transformative Technology.
She runs the Existence is Wonderful weblog, where she writes on issues pertaining to superlongevity, neurological diversity, bioethics, morphological liberty/disability rights, philosophy, and technological trend-watching.
Anne is also a volunteer with the Methuselah Foundation, where she hopes to do whatever she can to help hasten the development of effective life-extension medicine. She engages in writing, research, and advocacy efforts on behalf of radical life extension efforts.
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