Advisory Board

Anna Gutkina, MS, MBA

Anna Gutkina, MS, MBA is author of Defusing the Cancer Bomb: How Cancer Saved My Life Founder of Stemosphere.
Anna is working on data analytics in cancer research, personalized medicine, and immunotherapy. It is stunning how much open source data is not being utilized, and how most researchers are not aware of that. She is trying to bridge this gap between big data and research by using analytics and open data sources on cancer research.
She was previously President and CEO at Vitaspero, Application Consultant at Dow Jones, and Graduate Research Assistant at University of Georgia.
Anna earned her MS in Biochemistry at Saint Petersburg State University in 1986. She earned her MS in Biochemistry at The University of Georgia in 1996. Anna earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at La Salle University in 2008.
Watch Anna Gutkina — Defusing Cancer Bomb. Read her Academia profile and her LinkedIn profile. Follow her Twitter feed.