Advisory Board

Angelique Ahlström, M.A.

Angelique Ahlström, M.A. is the Co-founder and CSO at Flash Forest and Co-lead and Chair of the Societal Implications subgroup at The Galileo Project at Harvard.

Angelique’s work is focused on having a positive impact on our planet and the existential future of its species, specifically through breakthroughs in AI-driven climate-tech, energy, and space exploration. She cares deeply about the progress of ethics in our development on and outside Earth and engaging in novel forms of multi-lateral coordination that enable favorable outcomes for the future of humanity.

At Flash Forest, Canada’s first and largest autonomous UAV reforestation company, her and her team are merging advanced drone technology, artificial intelligence, GIS mapping, and plant science to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and restore ecosystems on a planetary scale. Flash Forest aims to be the world’s most effective, advanced, scalable, and cost-effective method of reforestation.

In 2022, they won the World Government Summit’s GovTech Prize in Climate Change, awarded by the UAE’s Prime Minister’s Office.

Read Saving our collective home, 100,000 trees at a time.

Flash Forest has been featured in New York Magazine, Washington Post, CNN, National Geographic, and many more.

The Galileo Project at Harvard is the systematic scientific search for evidence of extraterrestrial technological artifacts with the goal to bring the search for extraterrestrial technological signatures of Extraterrestrial Technological Civilizations (ETCs) from accidental or anecdotal observations and legends to the mainstream of transparent, validated, and systematic scientific research, and to understand the origins of interstellar objects (ISOs) that exhibit characteristics which differ from typical asteroids and comets, like `Oumuamua, through discovery and characterization initiatives involving astronomical and atmospheric surveys as well as space-based observations. See Smithsonian.

Previously, Angelique worked as Operations Director for a tech incubator She designed emerging technology programs for institutions and universities in areas such as clean energy technology.

In 2017, she co-founded a renewable edge-network utility system built on ML-driven blockchain and was the Technical Researcher and Writer at the Visual Capitalist, a visual-data science research and publishing firm, specializing in energy and the future of robotics.

Visual Capitalist’s work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Investopedia, Zero Hedge, Maclean’s, Gizmodo, The Vancouver Sun, Forbes, The World Economic Forum, and Business Insider.

She was a Graduate Assistant at the University of Victoria in 2016 and a Lead Editor of the Federalism-E Academic Journal at the Queen’s University where she published the Journal’s Spring 2015, themed on improving the structure and process of the Canadian political system.

Angelique earned her Master’s Certificate at the International Space University in 2019 in Commercial Space Technology. She was selected for the inaugural program co-held by the International Space University, Aldrin Space Institute, and Florida Institute of Technology at NASA.

She earned her Master’s Degree of Arts in Political Science/Theory, with a focus on Philosophy of Science and International Security at the University of Victoria in 2017. Her research was on The Aporetic Logic of the Concept of Sovereignty.

In 2015, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Arts with a Double Major in Anthropology and Political Science with a focus on Biological Evolution and Early Modern Political Thought from the University of Victoria. She also lived in Zambia at the African Peace-building Institute studying Peace and Conflict Resolution with other leaders.

In 2021, Angelique was chosen as Forbes 30 Under 30 in Energy as Honoree and Editor’s Pick.

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