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Amanda Stoel

Amanda Stoel is a DIY futurist. She studied psychology at the University of Groningen, but during her studies she decided that she lacked the life experience to become a practicing psychologist.

She conceived the idea to gain this life experience by experiencing other cultures. She traveled through Europe but eventually stayed in Finland for 7 years, where she learned the language, culture and gained more life experience than she could have ever expected.

It was also during this period that her love for science, philosophy, and ethics flourished again. Combined with her interests in psychology (the human mind and the artificial mind) and new and emerging (disruptive) technologies, led her to a sensitivity to the recognition of patterns and strengthened her ability to reflect and view things from different perspectives.

On the world’s first International Longevity Day, she hosted a small circle meeting in Brunssum, Netherlands. The meeting included a discussion about how realistic longevity was, about Google now taking on anti-aging and about specific holistic ways to promote health and longevity.

Amanda thinks that the time is coming quickly where mankind will be confronted with complex ethical issues and also feels its responsibility to inform people about this, provide insights, and help in this period of transition so that together we can create a positive future for everyone.

Amanda has shared her passion for futurist thinking through public speaking since 2011. She has been a speaker at the following events, Terasem Movement, Permanent Beta Rotterdam, Zwart Markt van en Kennis en Kunst, Honours College van de Universiteit Leiden, De Dag van het Fantastische Boek, and Border Sessions.

She authored Fringe Festival, Black Market of Knowledge. Report from a DIY futurist and The Meme of Altruism and Degrees of Personhood.

Amanda speaks three languages: Dutch, German, and English.

She is a member of The Dutch Future Society.

You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Wellness Coach Amanda, and her Facebook groups Bridge One and Technogaianism.