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Alyse Sue

Alyse Sue is a Software Engineer at PALO IT, Cofounder at Transhumanism AU, and Board Member and Advisor at SingularityU AU.

Alyse believes in equal access for all humans to evolve beyond their physical and cognitive limitations using science and technology. Her passion is in learning about technologies that can transform the way we live and work: IoT, wearables, augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics, and human-machine interfaces.

In particular, she has a deep passion for applying artificial intelligence solutions, such as NLP and machine learning, to everyday life and business. She is also interested in the advancement of women in tech, science, and innovation to leadership roles and more prominent recognition of their skills.

Alyse has covered several major tech events around the world including SXSW (Austin), MWC (Barcelona), World Congress of Accountants (Sydney), Wild Health Summit (Sydney), Pause Fest (Melbourne), and Microsoft Build (Seattle).

At PALO IT, a global software development and design consultancy, Alyse is working as a full stack developer focused on back end. They are Digital Transformation specialists who help their clients disrupt their industries.

Since 2019, Alyse has been a Board Member at SingularityU AU, where she is advising the growing global community which is using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. They encourage leaders to use exponential technologies to lead global change and play our role in solving humanity’s grand challenges.

Previously Alyse has worked as Freelance Writer at Data Driven Investor, as a Consultant on Software Development Jobs, and was also the Cofounder of two Healthcare Startups, an AI Startup, and a Blockchain Startup.

Genomix, a Healthcare Startup cofounded by her, was a Genomic data machine learning startup that identified genetic variations associated with long lifespan. Selected into two accelerators, INCUBATE USYD and HCF Slingshot Catalyst, raised seed funding.

As the Cofounder at Transhumanism Australia, Alyse regularly speaks on Transhumanism and AI. She has been invited to speak at ADMA Global Forum, Pause Fest, UTS, USYD, QUTCEA, Law Society of NSW, Piper Alderman, Mumbrella MSIX, Transitions Film Festival, and the APAC AI Summit.

Alyse talked about Our Transhumanist Future at the Raising the Bar Event from New York City. RTB is an ambitious project for learning something new in unconventional places. This is a project by aspiring students, doctors, economists, writers, and artists who are hosting the talks in bars and cafes to be constantly inspired, inside and outside of the classroom.

Previously, Alyse was a founding team member of KPMG’s Innovate team, focused on helping corporations innovate and she worked in product development, innovation, and management consulting at KPMG.

Alyse earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce (BCom) in Accounting and Business Law in 2011 from the University of New South Wales. She earned her second Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce in Organizational Strategy and Marketing in 2012 from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

After spending three years as Research and Tax Analyst at Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and Bain & Company, she continued further educating herself into Computer Science.

In 2016, she finished Machine Learning from a Stanford University Coursera course. She got into the INCUBATE program in 2016, the University of Sydney Union’s Award Winning Startup Accelerator Program. In 2018, she earned her Diploma in Software Development from TAFE NSW.

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