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Alexander Bard

Alexander Bard, born in 1961, is a philosopher, writer, artist, record producer, and a highly sought-after lecturer.
Alexander studied Economic Geography at The Stockholm School of Economics in the 1980s while building an immensely successful career as a songwriter and record producer. In 1992, he cofounded Stockholm Records, which quickly achieved global success and became Scandinavia’s biggest independent record company. His first band Army Of Lovers sold over seven million records in the 1990s. He is currently a member of the internationally platinum-selling electro-rock band Gravitonas.
In 1998, he sold his shares in Stockholm Records to global giant Universal Music and co-founded the internet incubator, which went on to house and nurture eight successful companies, including the business improvement marketplace, Scandinavia’s biggest youth culture website Bomben, and the music management company Bullgod. Throughout, he has remained one of Scandinavia’s leading songwriters and record producers.
Alexander was a fundamental force in creating the Swedish music export sensation — making his small native country the world’s third biggest exporter of music — and promoting the information technology revolution. He is also a front figure for the new export of radical Scandinavian thinkers and has repeatedly been named one of Sweden’s brightest minds. Personally he considers his biggest and most important contribution as being one of the founders of The Syntheist Movement citing this effort as “the one thing in me that is truly bigger than myself and my theories” and “the one meme that will truly survive me and for which I’m merely a small instrument”.
Alexander has written three books on the internet revolution, collectively known as The Futurica Trilogy, together with media theorist Jan Söderqvist. Their first collaboration The Netocrats was originally released in Swedish in 2000, became available in English in 2003, and has since been translated to a further 16 languages with total worldwide sales exceeding 340,000 copies. The second book The Global Empire was originally released in Swedish in 2003, while the third installment of the trilogy The Body Machines was originally published in Swedish in 2009. These latter two works were released in English in 2012, completing The Futurica Trilogy, in which the authors present their philosophical vision for a global and increasingly virtual society, as a consequence of the interactive revolution.
Alexander has given public lectures since 1996, often with a focus on the social implications of the internet revolution, and has become one of the leading speakers on the international management theory lecturing circuit. He is a regular speaker at the Institute for Corporate Leadership at the Stockholm School of Economics.
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