Advisory Board

Adriano V. Autino

Adriano V. Autino is President of the Space Renaissance International; Manager, CEO/CTO, Systems Engineering Consultant / Trainer at Andromeda Systems Engineering LLC; System integrator and test engineer for Plasma Wind Tunnel of CIRA (Capua, Italy); and Supplier of methodological tools and consultancy at Intermarine S.p.A.
Adriano began his career designing diagnostic and test engineering software for Honeywell Information Systems and continued at Systdata Cap Gemini as a project manager for industrial automation. Later, as a freelance consultant, he spent time in the aerospace and defense industries, working on system integration and system engineering, as well as software engineering.
Adriano started Andromeda s.r.l. in 2000, and there he worked on systems engineering for industrial and infrastructural automation projects such as tunnels, highways, railways, bridges, for industries such as oil & gas, energy, automotive, and textiles. Over time, he developed the STEPS (PTESY) suite of tools for project life cycle management based on his experience.
In addition to being an expert in systems engineering and project lifecycle management, he also brings to the table his extensive background in project management, system integration/test engineering, and reverse engineering. He is an author of several books on best practices in the engineering industry. He also lectures about systems engineering and project management.
Adriano is author of A Greater World is Possible: The expansion of civilization beyond the limits of our home planet is the moral issue of our time and coauthored the book Three Thesis for the Space Renaissance. He is author of The expansion of Civilization beyond Earth is a moral issue, Facing the 21st Century’s Civilization Challenges by the Tools of Astronautic Humanism, and The Copernican Evidence – Requirements for a Space Age Philosophy, and coauthor of What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture, and World Peace.
He earned his diploma in Industrial Electronics at Technical Institute “G. Peano” Torino in 1969. Learn more about Adriano!
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