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Professor Doctor Andres Agostini, EdD., JD., MD., PhD., DSc. is the Lifeboat Foundation Global Chief Consulting Officer and Partner, Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador and the Global Ambassador, Translator, and Interpreter of “The Human Race to the Future: What Could Happen — and What to Do”. Learn about his books on Amazon at AND AND Dr. Andres Agostini was, over 17 years, thoroughly and unambiguously mentored by a NASA scientist, Dr. Vernon L. Grose , that is to say, NASA’s utterly right hand to Dr. Wernher von Braun , on top-notch, yet state-of-the-art (Systems-Based) “Enterprise Risk Management” through a formidable Systems-Based and Non-Theological Omniscience-Centric Approach, in order to bring critically challenged Operations under fundamental control, re-assuring maximum levels of OPERATIONALLY RELIABILITY at all times in real time. Note the respective ensuing Pictorial at…oragostini AND, as well as the key Image at…s-agostini. Additionally, and changing the subject matter, Dr. Agostini, too, has a Scenario-Planning meeting with Royal Dutch Shell (Oil, Gas & Energy) CEO & Chairman at

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