Making Powdered Milk Taste Better

by Stephan on November 3, 2010

Having a pantry stocked with some food is a great thing but lots of people leave out a replacement for milk. I don’t think it is because they forget about it, it’s mainly that it just doesn’t taste very good. It’s like white water.

Powdered milk is often made from things like the leftover liquid from butter-making. It has plenty of good stuff left in it but no fat. Which is the things most often missed. Now if you and your family is fine with skim milk powered is just fine. But if you’re like us a little fat helps out the taste and texture.

We make 2 quarts at a time. By adding a can of evaporated milk to the appropriate amount of milk powder and a little bit of room temperature water to make a slurry and then topping it off with room temperature water makes for something pretty close to 2% milk. Then leave if for 20 minutes, so it all hydrates.

Evaporated milk is different from sweetened condensed milk, so don’t confuse them. Evaporated milk is just milk with most of the water removed, sweetened condensed is the same but with a lot of sugar.

One of the really cool tools to help with this is a mixer pitcher, it makes mixing the milk powder much cleaner and easier. You can also use it for any other mixed drink, it works really well to reintegrate drinks like orange juice that tend to separate.

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